Where is your photography business based?

Port Elizabeth

Does this mean you only photograph weddings in Port Elizabeth and its surrounding areas or are you willing to travel?

No, not at all.  I love traveling to new places and venues.  I have flat traveling rates to various parts of SA, so feel free to enquire & I’ll be happy to assist.

How early should I book you?

Preferably 10 months in advance.  Should you decide to get married in January, February, March, April, October, November or December, I strongly advise you to secure your booking with me 12 -18 months in advance to avoid disappointment.


Q: Where is your photography business based?

A: Port Elizabeth

Q: Does this mean you only photograph weddings in Port Elizabeth or are you willing to travel?

A: No, I don’t only photograph weddings in Port Elizabeth & yes, I am more than happy to travel.  No distance is too far.

Q: Should I decide to book you, do I have to pay for you to travel?

A: Every collection includes a different traveling distance.  As long as your wedding location is within the allocated travel distance in your chosen collection,  I will not charge for travel.  Any travelling distance further than this will be levied at R4 per kilometer.

Q: How early should we book you?

A: Anytime after 12 months before your wedding.  The sooner you book me, the better.

Q: Can we meet you before we book you?

A:  Of course you can!  In fact, I would love to meet you.  If you reside in PE, Uitenhage or Despatch, or any of the surrounding areas, I’d love to meet you for coffee.  If you’re not from PE, but plan to visit before your wedding, let me know before hand and we’ll see what we can arrange.  Alternatively, we could Skype 🙂

Q: How do we book you?

A: Send me an email to hello@daveneprinsloo.com informing me that you would like to book me.  Once I receive it, I will forward you a contract and an invoice for the retainer. Once the 50% non-refundable retainer is paid & the contract is signed, send it back to me along with the proof of payment and I’m booked.

Q: When do we need to pay the final balance.

A: I will email you an invoice for the final balance two weeks before your wedding for the balance.   Should you be unable to pay the balance before your wedding date, I’ll be more than happy to only receive it after the wedding, but I will not begin editing until the balance is received.  This will naturally mean that you will have to wait longer for your photographs.

Q: How long after the wedding will we receive the photographs?

A: 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding, provided that the full balance is settled.  I do, however, try to get it to you as soon as is possible.

Q: Do we receive digital photographs that we can reprint from or share online with our friends or family?

A: Yes you do.  All of my collections come with a customized DVD disc that contains your photographs.  On the disc, you’ll find two folders.  One that says ‘Print Ready’ & the other that says ‘Web Ready’.  The photographs in the folder ‘Print Ready’ are the photographs you’ll use for all your reprints.  The photographs that are in the ‘Web Ready’ folder are the photographs you’ll make use of  when you would like to share your photographs with friends and family online.

Q: Will all of the photographs we receive be edited.

A: Yes, they will be.  Photographs will be edited for exposure, composition, sharpness & tone.

Q: Can I ask you to edit in such a way that some of the photographs are in black and white with only a section of a photograph left in color?  Or if I would like for you to make my photographs look like I’ve been on a Safari even though we only took them in a garden, could you edit in a lion by any chance?

A: No, unfortunately I do not edit in this way.  I prefer to keep things natural and authentic.  For this reason, I do not put anything in the photograph that wasn’t there to begin with.  Also, I either transform the entire photograph to black and white or I leave it in color and enhance that through editing.  I’ll be happy to refer you to someone else if this is what you really want though.

Q: How many photographs will we receive?

A: The number of photographs you receive will depend entirely on the collection you choose.  To find out more about my collections, click here.

Q: If you have more edited photographs than our collection offers, may we purchase it from you?

A: There’s no need for that. After I’ve completed with the editing of your wedding, you will not only receive the number of digital photographs your chosen collection offers, but also the remaining edited photographs in digital formats on your DVD disc.

Q: Can we order additional albums at a later stage?

A: Yes, by all means.

Q: Can we book you for an additional hour at our wedding if we require you to stay longer.

A: Absolutely.  Let me know you’ll like to have me at your wedding for an extra hour or two & I’ll tell you how much it’ll cost.  If you’re happy with this, I’ll be happy to stay on longer.

Q: Do we select the prints & photographs for the album or do you?

A: I do.  Unless you prearrange with me that you would like to select all of the prints.  This obviously means that you’ll first receive the digital photographs from your wedding & then the albums & prints thereafter.

Q: How long do we have to wait to receive our albums & prints?

A: If I select the photographs for the albums, you’ll receive it together with your digital photographs within 6 to 8 weeks of your wedding or after final payment is made.  If you would like to select the photographs in your album & the prints you want, 10 to 12 weeks.

Q: How long after the wedding do you keep our photographs on file?

A: 12 months

Q: Do you do formal table shots?

A: I do photograph your guests as much as possible, I love candid shots of guests. But I don’t go around to every table photographing all the guests at every table.  If you would like to have every single guest photographed, I’d advice you to either have group photo’s done with every guests or incorporate a photobooth into your wedding day?

Q: How much time do you need for photos?

A: I split the time I need for photographs as follows:

30 minutes for decor shots (I prefer doing this before photographing the bride or groom)

30 to 40 minutes for photographs of groom getting ready (this is optional and also depends on the collection you choose and the time available)

1 to 2 hours for photographs of the bride getting ready ( I usually start with this once bride’s hair is done, before make-up gets done)

30 to 90 minutes for ceremony (If your ceremony is much longer than this due to religious reasons, please let me know ahead of time)

20 to 30 minutes for photographs with the family & guests

+1 hour for creative shoot with bridal party & couple

Time for the reception depends entirely on you 🙂

Q: Do you do videography?

A: No, I don’t. But I’ll be happy to refer you to someone who does.

Q: How do we finalize the last minute details of our wedding day?

A: If we can’t have a pre-wedding meeting to finalize the last minute details of our wedding, I’ll email you a pre-wedding brief & information sheet, you’ll fill that out & send it back to me.  Last minute wedding details sorted.

Q:  Do you work with an assistant or second shooter?

A: Not all the time.  Depending on the requirements of your wedding, I will determine this and let you know well ahead of time.

Q: Do we have to provide seating & a meal for you and you assistant, if you’re working with one.

A: If I’m booked for longer than 5 hours, then yes you do.

Q: We are planning to get married outside, would that be fine for photographs?

A: Yes, that would be lovely.  Outdoor weddings are fantastic.  Please make sure that you’re standing in a shaded area during the ceremony.  This will ensure that we make the most of the beautiful outdoor light and eliminate unflattering shadows.

Q: What if it rains on the day of our wedding?

A: Well then I’ll pack a couple of umbrellas and we’ll go out and take beautiful photographs.  If you’re not too keen on this, we can find a spot indoors at your venue to have couple photographs done.  Or we could even wait for the rain to clear up before doing our couple photos, it always has in the past.

Q: If you haven’t been to our venue before, how will you familiarize yourself with it?

A: I’ll either arrive earlier the day of your wedding and take a walk around, or I’ll arrange with you venue to visit beforehand.

Q:Do you bring along your own lightning?

A: Yes, I do.  I carry off-camera flashes in my bag and only use it when necessary.  I love natural light, so you’ll see me not making use of my flash a lot more.

Q: What can we do to ensure that we have beautiful photographs?

A: Read through the list of tips &advice, I’ll send you after you’ve booked me.

Get dressed in a well lit room.  Perhaps, you could get ready in the bridal suite of your wedding venue.  This is always a great idea.

If you’re having your ceremony in an outside venue, please stand in a shaded area.

Please ensure that your reception venue is well-lit.  Fairy lights, candles & sparkles do magical things for your photographs 🙂

If you feel I have not covered certain questions in this section, please feel free to email them to me & I’ll be happy to answer them. 

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