• Engagement shoot of Ulin & Meagan | Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth

    She is the sweetest girl and he is the funniest guy. Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing during this shoot.

    The couple met at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth. Initially they were too shy to speak to one another and just kept looking at each other from a distance until Ulin’s friend decided enough was […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Germain & Bianca

    I sometimes scroll through this shoot ‘just because’.   I simply love it so much.  But look at these two, who wouldn’t.  It’s just so magical when a couple visibly and tangibly love one another.  These are the photographs from Bianca and Germain’s engagement shoot.  I’m so excited to finally share them with you.

  • Engagement shoot of Ebenezer & Jeneevah |The Boardwalk, PE

    They met at the restaurant that he was a waiter at over weekends.  They then later found out they were studying at the same university and so they’re friendship grew. Fast forward 5 years and they are now planning forever together.

    For their engagement shoot, I wanted two different looks; one soft and feminine yet playful and […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Colette & Duwayne | Port Elizabeth

    They met at a local carnival and when asked if it was love at first sight, they both agreed that it was “strong like at first sight”. They were both so shy. Collette even admits to feeling a bit like a school kid when she first met him. To her, he had the most gorgeous […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Liandre and Theuns

    When two simple, but really beautiful hearts fall inlove with one another, happiness is bound to exist.  Liandre and Theuns met at a friend’s 21st, started seeing each other 3 months thereafter and have been happily together since.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much during an engagement shoot, nor have I ever learnt as […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Wayne & Genevieve | Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth

    To Wayne she is very easy to love.  She’s fun-loving, kind, quirky, cute & always there for him. Genevieve adores his humour, even when she thinks it’s really dry. Together, they work.  They’ve been together for 5 years and now they’re married.  We met up for their engagement shoot at Sardinia Bay in Port Elizabeth […]

  • Engagement Shoot with Christo & Anoesjka, Port Elizabeth

    Aah man, these guys! Such great people; so down to earth, fun-loving and absolutely in love with each other.  It’s always such a treat to me when I get to photograph a couple who are also besties. They relate to each other in such a simple & yet so loving manner that just makes them […]

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