Bethel @ Father’s House Church, Port Elizabeth



I went to see Bethel last night, they performed at church.  Absolutely amazing!  I loved every minute of it, especially the part where I got to photograph it all. How rad! (not a word I’ve ever used before, but I think it’s quite appropriate here, cause it was really…RAD!  I could photograph it and be part of the whole worship experience!

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4618 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4619

Initially I was just going to attend the concert, but then Mel asked me to take some photos of the concert and how could how could I say no to Mel?  Nah, jokes, it was such a privilege for me to be able to.  Oh how I love these photographs!  Other than that though…

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4620 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4621

When I didn’t have my camera in from of my face I could just be.  Soak it all in.  Enjoy everything for what it was.  Somewhere during this time the electricity must have gone off because my friend mentioned earlier that it went of twice for about 10 to 15 minutes each time and I didn’t even know it!

Jesus is amazing and it’s pretty amazing that other people know this and want to spread the message of His love and who He is throughout the world!  These people super bless me and I can only hope to be that sought of blessing to some one else.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4622 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4623

Just last week I updated my facebook status saying that I love Bethel music because I feel like they allow themselves to be vessels whereby God can speak to my soul.  I felt even more so when I listened to Shepard.  Here are the lyrics if you haven’t heard it before:

In the process, in the waiting, You’re making melodies over me
And your presence is the promise
For I am a pilgrim on a journey

You will lift my head above the mighty waves You are able to keep me from stumbling
And in my weakness, you are the strength that comes from within
Good shepherd of my soul, take my hand and lead me on

You make my footsteps and my path secure, so walking on water is just the beginning
Cause my faith to arise, stand at attention
For You are calling me to greater things

Oh, how I love You, how I love You
You have not forsaken me
Oh, how I love You, how I love You
With you is where I want to be

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4624 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4625

It’s a pretty amazing song.  It really speaks of how I experience God’s heart towards me.  How I know His love.  Who He is in my life. I often don’t think people really really understand how much God loves them and has their back.  When I heard this song, it was like my Daddy has my back.  Bethel music inspires me to brave.  They do this through their music, their message and how they live for God. They remind me that my daddy (God) has my back and that it’s ok to live, like really live.

Sometimes I become scared and crawl back into my shell, my comfort spot, but then, through people like Bethel and other artists and close friends, I’m challenged to get up and live! To be brave! The thing is to a lot of people God is just this supernatural being who reigns over heaven and earth waiting for them to fault so that He can punish them.  They heard about the fact that He loves them, but they don’t understand the pureness, the tenderness, the fierceness, the greatness of His love.  They don’t get that God longs to have a relationship with them, that He genuinely cares about their wellbeing.  That He longs for them to want to make Him part of their lives, for them to share all of who they are with Him, not merely what they do or don’t do, but who they are.  They don’t know that God sees them beautiful, and longs to embrace them with His love.  But the thing is He does.  I could preach about His love till I’m blue in the face but if we don’t open ourselves to it, allow Him in, we will never experience the fullness of who God is,  His amazingness!  Jesus loves you.  Like really loves you.  He loves me.  Like really loves me.  We are the apple of His eye and he delights in who we are.  Fact.

Here are some more of the photographs I’ve took last night.  Enjoy.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4626 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4627 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4628 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4629 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4630 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4631 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4632 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4633 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4634 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4635 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4636 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4637 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4638 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4639 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4640 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4641 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4642 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4643 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4644 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4645 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4646 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4647 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4648 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4649 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4650 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4651 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4652 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4653 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4654 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4655 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4656 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4657 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4658 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4659 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4660 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4661 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4662 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4663 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4664 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4665 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4666 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4667 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4668 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4669 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4670 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4671 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4672 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4673 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4674 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_4675

Millicent {21} | St Albans



Anyone whose ever done a portrait session with me knows that I love laughter.  So photographing someone, who naturally laughs all the time was, well, uber cool!  Millicent & my sister are friends (and now we’re friends as well), so I know her in a capacity other than my client as well.  So knowing that she is such a joyful spirit, I was super excited to photograph her.

Millicent celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago in St. Albans, just outside of Port Elizabeth.  All her friends and family attended the party & there was a lot of laughter, love and dancing.  Before the party, however, Millicent and I had a portrait session with as much light as we could possible catch, before it all vanished.  Millicent, thank you for being such an amazing young lady.  I wish you all of the luck on the road ahead.  May everyday greet you with a warm smile & buckets of love.  Be blessed davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2922 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2923 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2925 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2926 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2927 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2928 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2929 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2930 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2931 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2932 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2933 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2934 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2935 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2936 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2937 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2938 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2939 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2940 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2941 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2942 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2943 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2944 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2945 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2946 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2947 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2948 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2949 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2950 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2951 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2952 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2953 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2954 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2955 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2956 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2957 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2958 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2959 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2960 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2961 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2962 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_2963