• Wedding at Lake de la Vie Country Estate | Eric & Jerane

    The met 9 years ago when Eric travelled to PE for Jerane’s cousin’s wedding. They soon lost touch though, but ran into one another again 5 years thereafter. ¬†This time Eric made sure he kept in touch, the two became a couple & now we’re celebrating a wedding ūüėÄ

    Eric & Jerane said their I do’s […]

  • Engagement shoot of Ulin & Meagan | Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth

    She is the sweetest girl and he is the funniest guy. Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing during this shoot.

    The couple met at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth. Initially they were too shy to speak to one another and just kept looking at each other from a distance until Ulin‚Äôs friend decided enough was […]

  • Wedding of Germain & Bianca | Arabest, Despatch

    When you hear only good things about someone, it only makes sense that you meet them and get to know them for yourself. Germain & Bianca met and then later started dating almost 7 years ago, after her cousin decided to play cupid and put the two in touch. But not without telling Bianca all […]

  • Wedding of Eliezer and Astrid | Thatchwoods, Port Elizabeth

    It’s not everyday you meet your future wife while getting your fingerprints done. Astrid had to capture Elehezer’s fingerprints when he went for an interview at the company Astrid works for and worked for at the time. ¬†Needless to say, he got the job. ¬†Astrid says she didn’t like Elehezer very much at first. ¬†She […]

  • Wedding of Anoesjka & Christo | La Cigale, Port Elizabeth

    How gorgeous did Anoeskja look in her Jason Kieck dress with her hair done by Monique from Glam hair and¬†make up by Michelle Marx? ¬†Christo was so blown away by his gorgeous bride. ¬†These two have known eachother for more than 5 years. ¬†They are each other’s best friends, soul mates,¬†biggest fans and now they […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Germain & Bianca

    I sometimes scroll through this shoot ‘just because’. ¬† I simply love it so much. ¬†But look at these two, who wouldn’t. ¬†It’s just so magical when a couple visibly and tangibly love one another. ¬†These are the photographs from Bianca and Germain’s engagement shoot. ¬†I’m so excited to finally share them with you.

  • Wedding of Gabriel & Shannon | The Woods, Humansdorp

    “Joy often comes at the fulfillment of the promise. I love laughing with you.” – Gabriel, the groom

    In her speech, Shannon mentioned that she had planned about 22-24 weddings over the years. ¬†Each time, when the couple wanted to remunerate her, she would tell them it was her seed. In her heart she hoped that […]

  • Wedding of Caron & Kurt | La Colline Wedding venue, PE

    They’re high school sweethearts, they’ve been together for more than 10 years and they have a beautiful daughter together. ¬†Kurt and Caron are such a beautiful couple and even though they’ve been together so long, you’d swear they only recently met and fell in love. ¬†These two had such a gorgeous¬†wedding at La Colline in […]

  • Twin Wedding at Tramways, Port Elizabeth | Riyadh & Farhana

    In his speech, Farhana’s father mentioned how her and her twin sister grew¬†up doing everything together. ¬†They went to school together, were in the same class, matriculated together, went to the same varsity, studied the same course, graduated together, and then worked for the same company as well. ¬†They were simply inseparable. ¬†In fact, as […]

  • Wedding at The Venue, Port Elizabeth | Shakoor & Nazley

    They met at the 2010 World cup at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. ¬†Both Shakoor & ¬†Nazley were working there. ¬†They chatted a lot while working and both of them really took a liking to one another. Nazley’s late father was really ill at the time though, so she wasn’t really thinking¬†about pursuing any kind […]

  • Engagement shoot of Ebenezer & Jeneevah |The Boardwalk, PE

    They met at the restaurant that he was a waiter at over¬†weekends. ¬†They then later found out they were studying at the same university and so they’re friendship grew. Fast forward 5 years and they are now planning forever together.

    For their engagement shoot, I wanted two different looks; one soft and feminine yet playful and […]

  • Wedding at Plumbago Hills | Kamen and Melanie

    Their friendship bloomed beautifully and now everyone agrees he is perfect for her and she’s perfect for him. She’s brought so much color and joy into his world and he’s flooded her world with so much love. At their reception,¬†Melanie’s sister sang ‘Love will find a way’ and while she was singing it, I couldn’t […]

  • Engagement Shoot of Colette & Duwayne | Port Elizabeth

    They met at a local carnival and when asked if it was love at first sight, they both agreed that it was “strong like at first sight”. They were both so shy. Collette even admits to feeling a bit like a school kid when she first met him. To her, he had the most gorgeous […]

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