There is no better way to experience your photographs than to touch them; the nostalgia you experience when you page through your album and experience every memory with all the fondness it holds, the pride you feel as you hang up the framed photographs on the wall of lounge. I know because I was once a bride to, but not only that, I’m the daughter of a mother who owns a ton of albums that encapsulate every milestone and special story in our lives so perfectly.

I offer various albums and printing options as part of my collections.

To give you a better idea of what these options are, I’ve compiled a post with photographs of most of my offerings.  Please note, although not displayed here, I do offer larger prints (from A6 to A0) and canvases (from A4 to A0) in addition to these products.

Photographs on a DVD disc with beautiful handmade packaging.

A lot of love goes into what I do.  As a result, I have experimented with different packaging for the DVD discs I will be giving you with your photographs, until this was the result.  I can’t remember how exactly I thought of making a CD sleeve like this, but I knew I wanted it to be simple, yet really beautiful.  All of the CD sleeves have on of my abstract photographs printed on them  with my website address and other contact details printed on them.  All of them are handmade. The actual DVD disc has a corresponding image printed on it.  All of the DVD’s contain your photographs on them in both Print Ready (High Resolution) and Web Ready (Scaled for Web Use) Images so you’ll be able to reprint them and use them for all your social media requirements.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5292 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5293An A4 Portrait or Landscape Guestbook for your Wedding Reception

This book forms part of my Love Collection, but can be ordered as an optional extra should you purchase an engagement shoot with me. It is an A4 coffee table styled photobook with photographs from your engagement session printed in it on Elite Litho paper.  Along with the photographs, I also print a range of questions that your guests will then be able answer at your wedding reception.
davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5295 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5296The Box

Although typically for boudoir sessions, this box can be ordered as an optional extra when booking one of my wedding or lifestyle collections.  10 of your favorite images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, mounted on framing boards & presented in a beautiful linen box with a picture window.  Perfect as a keepsake or as a gift to someone special.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5297 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5298Image Folio

3 of your favorite photographs are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper mounted on framing boards and is presented in a beautiful tri-fold linen folder 20cm high & wide.  Although this typically comes with the Love Collection, it can be ordered as an optional extra.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5299 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5300 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5301 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5302Elite Litho Book Collection

A 30pg 30x30cm Elite Litho coffee table styled book with 2 20x20cm Elite Litho coffee table styled parent books. Perfect as an upgrade to your chosen collection (Linen or Lace Collection) or as an optional extra. The 20x20cm books are exact duplicates of the bigger 30x30cm coffee table styled books.  Each book is then beautifully bound with either a linen cover or a photograph from your wedding day printed on the cover.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5303 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5304 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5305 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5306 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5307 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5308A4 Elite Litho Coffee Table Book

The Linen Collection consists of an A4 20 page Portrait Elite Litho Coffee Table styled book and the Lace Collection collection consists of a 24 page Landscape Elite Litho Coffee Table Styled Book.  Both books are presented with a photograph from your wedding day as a front cover.  These books can also be ordered as an optional extra for lifestyle sessions.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5309 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5310Classic Designer Album

These albums are my personal favorites as they are printed on the finest photographic paper and are then mounted on 140gsm boards.  They are offered in two different styles.  The first option is to have your book as a 200x270mm linen covered coffee table styled book with a window for one of your photographs as displayed below.  The other option is to have your book in a slightly  bigger size with a personalized cover (one of your wedding photographs) as displayed below.  This Album forms part of the Love Collection, but can also be ordered as an optional extra or as an upgrade to a photobook in one of the other collections.

Friends Books: A set of 6 100x140mm books can be ordered as an optional extra when ordering the Classic Designer Album.  The books will be exact replicas of the bigger album.

davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5311 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5312 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5313 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5314 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5315 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5316 davene-prinsloo-port-elizabeth-photographer_5317