About me



So you know that my name is Davene and that I love photographing weddings.  But here’s a few things you may not have known about me:

I’m the biggest fans of windy days, food and the beach.
I’m passionate about God, life, people, photographs and I laugh a lot. Sometimes at myself.
I’m a dreamer.
I’m married to Neal – my soul mate, best friend and man I completely love, respect and adore.
I recently became a mom to a beautiful little girl who goes by Eliana Promise.
Our dogs, Nala and Milo are part of our family. They join us almost everywhere.  
Pretty packaging, amazing light,clean branding, interesting textures and beautiful fonts make my heart smile. I also have an obsession with colorful fine liners.
I sew.  In fact, I sewed my wedding dresses (two dresses, one wedding!).  
I hold a BA degree, with Psychology as a major, from the University of Stellenbosch and a PGCE ( Postgraduate certificate in Education) from NMMU.  I taught for 2 years and 3 months after graduating before I decided to become a full time photographer. 
The only thing that can get me to stop doing something that I really really want to do is an episode of Scandal (previously known as the Fixer).  I love Kerry Washington’s character as Olivia Pope and I think this series is the best thing that TV has to offer.  Also, I have keen appreciation for the existence of Shonda Rhimes.
I’ve got a thing for buttons, ribbons and lace.  I buy it all the time, just in case I may need it (even though I probably won’t).
I like to think I can paint.  Watercolor has been my thing lately.